Dre&Josh x MTV:Dre & Josh Do MTV MADE

We've all got dreams and goals that we hope to reach in our lifetime. Big and small, there are obstacles that wait at every corner and seize every moment of weakness in our lives. Well, with the help of the beautiful people at MTV, many teens and young adults get to live our their dreams on the hit show MTV MADE. We had the pleasure of producing a record for Eli Medina, a young man who wanted to become the next big superstar. While aspiring to be as big as artists such as Lady GaGa and the like, Eli struggles with the challenges of his sexuality which prove to add stress and pressure to his quest for superstardom. We had a lot of fun working with Eli and his vocal coach Jeremiah Abiah. Although it was Eli's first time in the studio, he really managed to listen and execute in the vocal booth. We just wanted to give special thanks to Make Moves Management, Kristen Smith, Kyle Jones, Ward Legacy Productions and everyone who contributed to this episode. Look for the Dre and Josh TV MADE Episode coming soon!!!


5:44:00 PM Anonymous said...

This was a good look for ya... next time make them MTV ni99as say YO NAME!!!!!
-Mart Dizzle

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