Dre&Josh x MTV:Dre & Josh Do MTV MADE

We've all got dreams and goals that we hope to reach in our lifetime. Big and small, there are obstacles that wait at every corner and seize every moment of weakness in our lives. Well, with the help of the beautiful people at MTV, many teens and young adults get to live our their dreams on the hit show MTV MADE. We had the pleasure of producing a record for Eli Medina, a young man who wanted to become the next big superstar. While aspiring to be as big as artists such as Lady GaGa and the like, Eli struggles with the challenges of his sexuality which prove to add stress and pressure to his quest for superstardom. We had a lot of fun working with Eli and his vocal coach Jeremiah Abiah. Although it was Eli's first time in the studio, he really managed to listen and execute in the vocal booth. We just wanted to give special thanks to Make Moves Management, Kristen Smith, Kyle Jones, Ward Legacy Productions and everyone who contributed to this episode. Look for the Dre and Josh TV MADE Episode coming soon!!!

Dre&Josh x Aaron Camper do ConcreteLoop

“Welcome To My World” is a real solid body of work!!! If you don’t have it, you need to get it NOW!!! Aaron Camper has worked with artists such as Fantasia, Eric Roberson, Bo Bice, Patti LaBelle, Jill Scott, Jeremih, JCole, Mike Posner, Diddy Dirty Money. This artist debut is creating a serious buzz and for good reason. We got the change to create some magic with Aaron on the record “Moonlight”. The song was featured on Concrete Loop and has gotten rave reviews from fans from all over! Aaron brings a something special to every record he does, so it was really great to hear how he brought that same magic to a Dre and Josh production. Download the MixTape NOW !!! Also visit www.aaroncampermusic.com

From Brooklyn To You : Debut #5 iTunes Japan

Dre and Josh go international with Brooklyn's finest, Unique Zayas. Unique's new international release "From Brooklyn To You" through Star Power Media/Manhattan Records is making waves for the talented singer.

The album, released 12-15 hit Itunes Japan's #5 slot on the R&B album charts in its first week out! Its lead out single "Wherever You Are" featuring international sensation Charice andco-written by super star songwriter Claude Kelly also hit their #3 slot for top R&B songs!

Dre and Josh produced four amazing songs on this album including buzz single, "You Me and the Dancefloor" co-written by grammy nominated songwriter Lil' Eddie. Other songs include "Million Years", "For Your Love", "Forever".

"Working with Unique has been very eye opening. Watching
someone so determined and focused was very motivating. He
puts his all into his craft and he won't stop until every note,
concept or idea is perfected. To me Unique is not a rising star,
in my eyes he has already reached stardom! Watch out world."

-Dre and Josh

On Thursday 16th December 2010, @IamUniqueZayas said:

RT @DreandJosh: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! @IamUniqueZayas "From Brooklyn to You" @ #5 You sound amazing on these records dude!!!!! YOU'RE A ROCKSTAR !!!!!!! > MAN WE MADE SOME AMAZING RECORDS!

"From Brooklyn to You" hits stores in Japan 12-22-10!

Dre and Josh Do Japan with Unique Zayas !!!

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado please stand up for the future of music as we know it , Unique. We have had the pleasure of working with Unique on some really huge timeless records that will be gracing the ears of listeners all over the world very soon. Working with Unique has been nothing but a pleasure! He’s a real rock star in and outside of the studio. The music that was created for Unique’s records is big, melodic and super drum heavy as to match the energy and charisma that Unique gives off. We were fortunate enough to do the sound track for Unique's promotional video for his U.S. release of, Maniac !!!

Like we mentioned before, Unique’s music will be heard all across the world. First Stop, Japan!!! Yup, Japan!!! Today on Nov. 3, the record “You, Me, and the Dance floor” will be released by Manhattan Recordings. It’s a hit written by Lil Eddie and produced by yours truly Dre and Josh. I really want to know what you guys think of these records as we let you hear them so make sure to comment. Enjoy!!!


Dre and Josh X Pearl : The Delaware Anthem

What’s going on y’all? We just wanted to connect with you and fill you in on some new and exciting news. We recently worked with New York native, turned Delaware resident, artist Abdul “Pearl” Chatman to produce an anthem for the state of Delaware. This collaboration turned out to be amazing! It was Pearl’s vision, concept and strong lyrics that wowed the people of Delaware and gave them a sense of pride about their state. At the same time, we were able to give something back to all the people of Delaware who have supported and shown us love. Check it out and let us know what you think.

The video montage was created by Pearl and his team. Pearl is definitely a powerful artist and a lyrical genius making lots of noise in the tri-state area. You all know Dre & Josh laced the track, with our unique signature sound! Since the creation of the anthem we have been contacted by several Delaware organizations, universities and politicians. All of them wondering how they can incorporate this anthem as part of their functions. We are making some big moves as usual and starting to make some huge noise across the country. Lets connect, build and give back to those who have given to us. Love you all.