Dre and Josh Do Japan with Unique Zayas !!!

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado please stand up for the future of music as we know it , Unique. We have had the pleasure of working with Unique on some really huge timeless records that will be gracing the ears of listeners all over the world very soon. Working with Unique has been nothing but a pleasure! He’s a real rock star in and outside of the studio. The music that was created for Unique’s records is big, melodic and super drum heavy as to match the energy and charisma that Unique gives off. We were fortunate enough to do the sound track for Unique's promotional video for his U.S. release of, Maniac !!!

Like we mentioned before, Unique’s music will be heard all across the world. First Stop, Japan!!! Yup, Japan!!! Today on Nov. 3, the record “You, Me, and the Dance floor” will be released by Manhattan Recordings. It’s a hit written by Lil Eddie and produced by yours truly Dre and Josh. I really want to know what you guys think of these records as we let you hear them so make sure to comment. Enjoy!!!



8:52:00 AM joll730 said...

AWESOME song...I'm so proud of u Josh...u and Dre keep shooting for the stars, you will shine some day soon...

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