Jeannie Ortega (Universal) with Dre and Josh

We had the great pleasure of working with amazing talent Jeannie Ortega in Universal Publishing Studio last week. Thanks to tall those at Universal Music Publishing who welcomed us with open ears and minds. We really made magic in that studio and look forward to making more. We cut a record called "Not There Yet". Jeannie's lyrics really hit home for us on this one because it really spoke to all the hidden potential that so many of us have that we have yet to tap into. I cant wait for you guys to hear.



11:04:00 AM Anonymous said...

Hey Josh,

This site is wonderful...I luv it. I am so proud of you. I cant wait to here that fire you got over there. You guys are talented and I am looking forward to hearing good things. Josh you know me I always believed in you...Dre I look forward to meeting you one day. We have to get together and do a track one yall...


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